Our mission is to provide a high quality educational experience to each enrolled student. Moreover, our goal is to have each of our students acquire knowledge and skills which will enable graduates to obtain entry-level or up-date their career to specialist positions in one of their varying professions.

Kind of Training/Outcomes

We provide focused and intensive training to assist our students in acquiring employment. We have classes and programs to train students in Auto CAD, CNC programming, P.C.B Design & Layout, Computer/Electronic Technology, Machinist Set up & Operator, General Contractor License B, Mechanical Design as: Solid Work & Pro Engineer, etc...

Targeted Student Population:

The number of students to be served will include adult members of the public. No particular segment or sub-set of the general population is targeted.

Student Records

Records for all students will be keeping for five years. Students may inspect and review their educational records.  To do so, they must submit a written request form identifying the specific information that they would like to review. Students could find, upon your review, that there are records which are inaccurate or misleading. They may request the errors be correct. In the event that a difference of opinion exists regarding the existence of errors, students may ask that a meeting to be held to resolve the matter. It is our intent to carefully follow the rules applicable under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. It is our intent to protect the privacy of students financial, academic and other school records. We will not be able to release such information to any individual without having first received their written request form unless required by law.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to behave professionally and respectfully at all time. Enrolling students will receive a list of the current rules of conduct at the time of enrollment. They are subject to immediate dismissal for any activity or action that endangers another or for unethical conduct or violation of the rules of conduct.

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