Machinist Set Up & Operator


MSO-1: Machinist Operator

Tuition: $1950 (6-months)

Prerequisite: None

- Theory (3-months): $600 ($200 per month)

- 2-Books: $100

- Workshop (3-months): $1350 ($450 per month)

- 1 Book & Material: $100

MSO-2: Machinist Set up

Tuition: $2,400 (3-months - $800 per month)

Prerequisite: Machinist Operator

This course provides student with theory and hands-­‐on experience necessary for position Machinist Set up and Operator. Students will learn basic machine tool skills as: Identify material of the part, Select suitable tools, Draw/sketch parts, and evaluate drawing, Identify type, size shape and condition of material. Beside it, student will learn Math applicable for machinist. Student will know how to measure parts and how to read a Blue print

Students will learn how operate and set up Mill machines. Know how to measure equipment in precision; debugging and finishing products come out from machine; and know how maintenance machine. This course will also help students improve their abilities to comprehend every function of the Machinist machine, arrange the tools and parts according to the given program. Operate it to get a parts done follow exactly requirement from a program given.

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