The training at TTL COLLEGE offers Modular curricula, competency-based performance, self-paced learning, job related basic skills, vocational and personal counseling, as well as instruction in Job-seeking skills are combined with vocational skills instruction to ensure that trainees are fully prepared for a highly competitive job market.

TTL COLLEGE facilities and teaching methods simulate actual work conditions. This method provides trainees not only with the knowledge required for their chosen occupations, but also with the proper work attitudes and behavior patterns, Punctuality, initiative and cooperation are emphasized.

Most of the participant's training is hands-on utilizing equipment similar to that which is in use by industry. This individualized training requires small class sizes and TTL SCHOOL maintains an instructor to student ratio of 1 instructor to 18 students and computer to student ratio of one computer per student.

Our goal is to be of assistance to our community, offer quality up-to-date services at reasonable costs.

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