Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6PM / Sat: 9AM - 3PM
  • (408) 998-4534

Description of Facilities

The facility is a two-story building, total 2,700 sqf. with one room for admission office and one room CEO on the first floor, three classrooms are on the second floor. Teaching equipment is provided in very classroom, fully equipped with tables, chairs, white boards, computers and projectors. Classroom used for lab are supplied with necessary supplies such as modular soldering station, Series Magnifier, oscilloscope, microscope, SMT system, DC power supply, cutters, pliers, Tip-T-Tweezers, cables, wires, electronic fan, digital multi-meter, semiconductors, IC’s, and transistors.

School Location

T.T.L College

345 East Santa Clara Street, Suite# 106
SanJose, CA 95113
Phone:(408) 998-4534

Allclasses are held at this address.

Nondiscrimination Policy

This institution is committed to providing equal opportunities to all applicants to programs and to all applicants for employment. Therefore, no discrimination shall occur in any program or activity of this institution, including activities related to the solicitation of students or employees on the basis of race, color, religion, religious beliefs, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability, veteran’s status, or any other classification that precludes a person from consideration as an individual. Please direct any inquiries regarding this policy, if any, to the Chief Operations Officer who is assigned the responsibility for assuring that this policy is followed.