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Our mission is to provide a quality education to each and every student. Our main goal, at the same time, is to have each of our students acquire precisely those knowledge sets and skills which will enable him or her - upon graduation - to obtain entry-level jobs and/or further this or her careers by moving up to a specialist positions in their chosen profession.

The field of computers offers both exciting challenges and substantial career opportunities!  It has been one of the fastest growing fields of the past decade, and all reliable factors indicate even more rapid growth in the future. Computers are now found in government agencies, corporations of all sizes, schools, universities, medical centers, brokerage firms, insurance companies, law firms and a great many other businesses. The "computer revolution," which will strike full force in the 2000's, will create an insatiable demand for computer specialists. As a result, the job market for individuals with computer skills and a solid knowledge of business is growing rapidly.

Among the many positions open to those entering the field of computers are:  Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Micro-Computer Repair Technician, Desktop Publisher, Technical Support Staff, Payroll Staff, Computer Operator, Data Entry Operator, Word Processing Operator, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Executive Secretary, Customer Service Rep., Receptionist and Office Manager. There are other positions available as well. In fact, the list of jobs that are available in this field goes on and on. With sufficient knowledge and experience, moreover, entry level hires may very well advance to supervisory management positions. In summary, it is readily apparent that individuals with a solid background in computer software and hardware can obtain well-paying professional jobs in/at all levels of the industry.

A good share of the training is hands-on and utilizes equipment similar to that which is used in the computer industry. TTL College offers small class sizes in order to ensure that attention is paid to each student’s individual needs. Our instructor-to-student-ratio of 1 to 18, and a computer is provided for each and every student.

It is the intention of TTL COLLEGEis a private vocational institution and is licensed to operate by The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, to establish a One Stop Shop for both our student and employer customers. We have linked together three major components of to accomplish this, there are:

Assessment, Training and Graduate Placement/Outplacement